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If you aim to become the official user of iogames-space.com, you are highly recommended to take a look at terms of use in order to understand your legal rights and some rules established by the administrators and the owners of this website. Just spend your time a little bit to read them carefully, or it’s much better if you could research on these terms before utilizing any services and information offered by the website. Learning our terms of use is also a good way that prevents you from breaking any rules if you want to stick with it in the long term. We will present to you the best services, good information and plenty of interesting stuff that relate to your researching topics.

Terms of use of iogames-space.com

When you use the information and services brought to you by iogames-space.com, you must follow some rules set out by the owner of this site, as follows:

  • You are not allowed to switch or alter the content displayed on the website.
  • The amount and the quality of the content won’t receive any kinds of warranty from us or the third organizations. The standard of the content includes completion, accuracy, and appropriateness. Therefore, you need to take your own responsibility while utilizing our information.
  • There are some elements displayed on iogames-space.com, such as graphic, design, content, layout and so forth. The users are not permitted to copy those elements or make use of them for their own sake. Anyone that is trying to make the replicas of our elements on purpose will be considered as a law offender.
  • Finally, the logos that belong to the operator copied will be seen and regarded on this website.

Taking everything into account, all users should try to follow our rules and avoid breaking any rules or causing damages to our site. If a person tries to destroy the rules or use our information in an unlawful way, their actions will be considered as illegal piracy and they must take responsibilities for what they have done. Therefore, all of you are suggested to read our terms of use carefully before using anything here.

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