Ducklings Description

How many ducklings can you save in an arena full of enemies? Why don’t you give Ducklings unblocked a shot and show your skills? This is one of the latest io games inspired by You can now play it for free in your browser. In Ducklings free online, you become a little duck swimming around a map and you are here for saving many scattered ducklings. These ducklings need to be brought to the nest in the pond as fast as possible before they are taken by other enemies. You must use your tricks and even smart strategies to destroy all enemies while defending your ducklings. You should keep the size of your swarm grow through over time, then you can climb the leaderboard to become the top player on the server. free online will definitely keep you playing over and over again. Enjoy it now! Have fun!


How To Play

Arrow keys, mouse or, joypad will be used for moving your duck around the map.