Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is one of the most important documents presented to you by If you want to become our user and freely utilize our information as well as services, you should check out the privacy policy set by us in order to understand all types of data that we amass every single day. This policy will bring you a nice grasp of collected data and what to do with it, especially your information. Also, you will totally be able to find out your rights and obligations while you’re on this site. Please read a full privacy policy of very carefully. It doesn’t take you too much time! Let’s get started now!

Log Files

Log files can be utilized for assisting the webmasters in looking into some data, amassing the demographic data, operating a website, or even following the users. There are some details contained in the log files, like ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet protocol addresses, the info of the user, their visiting time, browsers and much more.


Some info and details of the users as well as their likings will be stored in Cookies. In addition, the Cookies can be used to help follow the users or change the page content when the users access to the websites by utilizing their browsers.

Web Beacons

Web Beacons can be used to operate a website, if the webmasters use the web beacons with cookies, they can totally obtain a mutual understanding of how the users access a certain website and get the content from that site.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google takes on a role of the third party delivering their ads to the customers by using the Dart Cookies. All their ads will be brought to the customers very fast. The ads will display the content of one or other websites.

For more information about the Google privacy policy when delivering the ads to the clients, you can go to this link and find out all.

Once applying their technologies such as Web Beacons, Cookies or JavaScript, the ads and links will be managed by the third organizations. Those technologies can assess the efficiency and successfulness of the advertisements. Then, those ads will be directly delivered to the users through their current browsers.

Don’t forget to find out some information of the privacy policies of the advertisers. If you are fed up with using the cookies, you can totally put an end to it by utilizing some selections in your private browsers.

You can research on how to put an end to the cookies or browsers at some websites that utilize the specific browsers.