Wormax.io Description

Wormax.io multiplayer online Io game is a fierce arena in which you have to fight and defend against a lot of opponents to survive. But, it is not the only mission. What you need to do to become the winner is taking over the leaderboard. The first thing that you can implement after you enter the map that is to eat as many glowing dots as possible. Don’t ignore power-ups scattered at random! They will help you possess various exciting abilities. Activate these special skills in time! In addition to this, the slain players in Wormax.io is also a very nutritious food source for you to increase the mass faster. When you get larger, you can be chased by other enemies. Indeed, you have to keep an eye on everybody around you because they can set very dangerous traps. When they move or coil near you, you should escape and act carefully. Speeding up can give you an exit in some cases. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to guide the worm, Spacebar to speed up, Q/ W/ E to trigger abilities.