Wormate.io Description

Wormate.io is a funny multiplayer game that you can play online for free with multiple people at a time on the same map. you will take on the role of a lovely tiny colorful worm. The main aim of you is to dominate the top spot on the leaderboard. Not only that, you should keep that position as long as possible. If you want to reach the goal and become the champion, you need to grow and change into the biggest creature quickly. You are able to enlarge the own body by eating every cake, candy and sweet as well as the slain opponents in Wormate.io. Once you are larger, your speed will slow down. Thus, try to run away from traps to survive. There are some strategies that you can take from the snake game called Slither.io such as cutting-off, coiling, baiting, and so on. However, remember that speeding up while you are trying to hunt or escape will reduce the current score. Let’s take part in your exciting adventure and experience every difficulty right now!

How To Play

Use the mouse to navigate the worm, left mouse to boost.