WarScrap.io Description

WarScrap.io unblocked is another io game you can play and hone your shooting skill. In WarScrap.io free online, you will have to fight off all enemies who are attempting to invade your realm. There are still other friendly fellow fighters that you can work together with in order to kill all the baddies and stop them from destroying your machines. Never underestimate those rivals since they can sneak up on you anytime, hence, you must keep yourself well protected always. Remember to use your tactics with good strategies to outsmart the rivals. You can use some earned energies on new weapons and more characters with better skills. Your realm needs to be safe all the time as well, if you let somebody destroy it, it will be a game over for you immediately. Do whatever it takes to stay alive, struggle for a long as possible until you can touch the final glory to become the winner. Play Warscrapio game now!

How To Play

Move with WASD, toggle the mouse using key L, use the spacebar to jump, click the right mouse to switch weapons, click the left mouse to attack enemies and use key E to open the shop menu.