Warbot.io Description

Warbot.io free online opens up a tough robot battle between online opponents. Jump into this io game right now to get yourself a new experience and have a lot of fun. The arena of Warbot.io unblocked is packed with cunning bots. You direct one around the map hunting down other bots and quickly slaying them all before you get eliminated. Your bot can perform many skills, so take advantage of them to get an edge over your enemies. You can power it up by collecting plenty of power-ups scattered on the ground. Once your bot has become stronger, it will be easy for you to kill other players without using too much effort. When you level up the bot, you will earn a random perk and use it to buy other awesome robots for yourself. You are fighting for a chance of becoming the best robot in the arena. Join Warbot io free game now!

How To Play

Perform the movement of your bot using WASD. Use left/right arrow keys to rotate the camera, the spacebar to use the booster, the left mouse to fire, the right mouse to toggle the mouse camera view.