Trap Adventure 2 Description

Trap Adventure 2 HTML5 is an action-packed arcade-style free game online containing a wide range of challenges to conquer. If Trap Adventure 1 is not tough enough, you can try this second installment for a new experience. You control a character, jump over many platforms, and do your best to conquer all stages, which is not easy at all when there are many deadly spikes that get in your way. You must do whatever it takes to avoid those impediments, and if you come in contact with them, you will fail to the mission and will have to restart it. Trap Adventure 2 action game provides you with 10 lives to try. You have to utilize these given lives wisely, or else the game will be over. Let’s join it now and see how long it will take you to finish the game and how many lives you will use conquer it. Wish you luck!

How To Play

Use keys A/D for the movement, and press key W to jump.