Tenz.io Description

Tenz.io is an awe-inspiring free-to-play online multiplayer Io game in which you will play as an alien who is sitting inside a glass circular spaceship. It’s pretty simple to understand all happenings in the adventure that you are joining! You are brought to a great battlefield set in the new mysterious outer space. It is a good location for everybody who is looking for an exciting experience. In the arena, you have to show up your abilities to defend your ship as well as attack other players for survival. The goal is to dominate the leaderboard of Tenz.io and stay there until you become the winner of the day. With the ship looking like the tank, you are able to control the cannon to shoot and take down the target. Be careful! They can do the same to remove you quickly. Don’t worry! Try to act strategically and wisely! Launch massively mighty bombs if you get stuck. Also, collect power-ups and gifts to improve your capability. Invite your buddies if you’d like to build a team. Have fun!

How To Play

Use WASD to move, left mouse to shoot, right mouse to fire the massively mighty bomb.