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Sword.io Description

Become a real swordsman in a unique Battle Royale Fortnite style game called Sword.io unblocked! Get ready to play Sword.io free online in your browser to present your excellent fighting ability. You will meet a lot of enemies from across the world. They will want to eliminate you out of the arena, so you must be quick to kill them all. You will make your way through the map trying to gather as many swords as possible. These swords can be served as a deadly weapon or as a good defense that helps you counter the enemy attacks. You must aim and throw the swords at the rivals to wipe them out, while at the same time, turn them into a shield that blocks all the forthcoming attacks. You should know how to use the swords either as defense or attack carefully to get an upper hand on your rivals. Are you ready? Let’s join Sword.io HTML5 multiplayer game right now

How To Play

Use the left mouse for the movement and attacking enemies. Release it to defend yourself and attack enemies.