You are a sumo wrestler in free game and you’re here for an epic fight against other players. The game is set on a huge map full of sushi power-ups. Make your way through it carefully eating them up to get your size bigger. The more sushi you eat, the more areas on the map you can take over. When you have taken over like 205 of the map, your moves will be affected a little bit because that’s when you already get bigger. You need to move smartly so you can cope with other players and if they are about to attack you, be quick to respond to their attacks and dodge them all before you take damage from them. If you get defeated, you have to restart the battle. The big goal for you in free game is to dominate the leaderboard and get crowned as the best Sumo player on the server.


How To Play

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your sumo player around the map to fight against enemies.