As a cunning stickman in unblocked, you must fight off all other stickmen using your strong skills and smart strategies. In this title, you have to make your way through a huge arena packed with dangers and enemies. But, you are armed with some weapons that can be spawned on the map to deal with the combat, so make sure you use them wisely to defeat other players before they are able to attack you. game will be not a place for kind-hearted players, instead, you must become tough, cunning, and hostile so you can kill your rivals easily. If they are way tougher than you, use your strategies or even evil tricks to wipe them out of the arena. The more enemies you kill, the higher the score you will earn, which makes you the top player on the leaderboard. Will you conquer the battle of the stickmen? Play it now!


How To Play

Use WAD to move, use the spacebar to jump, press Shift to run, double Shift for sprinting, press LMK to punch, PKM to kick, use C for the camera view, use Esc to open the menu bar, use Q to use the emoticons, and press 1-5 to use the special abilities.

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