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SplashWars.io Description

SplashWars.io is a unique multiplayer online Io game which is regarded as the mix of strategy and shooter. Your mission is to reach the top spot on the leaderboard by painting all of the lands on the world map. It is not a simple and easy task that you can complete in the short time because you will have to compete with a lot of opponents and enemies. So, it will be a fierce combat soon. What you should do in that case is to show up your ability to achieve the goal as well as beat every rival. In the SplashWars.io, you will control a very small starship and move in the safe direction to capture new territory without being attacked or damaged. While you are flying through the map, you can pick up lots of guns. Use them to shoot down anything dangerous for extra points. Don’t accelerate too much since you can’t finish your job while you are boosting! Also, keep away from drones. Or, take over corners, and slow down to improve the shooting accuracy. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the right and left arrow keys to steer, Spacebar to shoot. Hold down Up to accelerate, press Down to slow down.