Share this game! Description is a new free online multiplayer Io game. Play and conquer the leaderboard to be the winner! You will take part in a brutal combat which is set in outer space. It is an ideal place for great battles. It is also the good spot to bury all of the enemies. Be careful! Don’t let yourself become their victim until you achieve the goal! You will take control of a very small spaceship and guide it so that you can collect items and attack the target. Try to take down the prey as fast as possible to escape unexpected results! is not a simple combat. it will give you lots of joy when you can increase the number of your troop, especially when you gather power-ups on the map and defeat the other players. There is a strategy that you can refer that is you can assail the foe from behind while they are not defending. Besides, act quickly before they counterattack. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to steer, left click or Spacebar to fire. After growing bigger, press the E key to toggle shooting to miss possible targets.