In a tough 2D shooter game called, you have to go kill all enemies and keep yourself upgraded for a chance of becoming the best shooter. Like other shooting io games, in unblocked, you need to use your excellent skills and good tactics when facing up to tough opponents if you want to win. On your way, feel free to smash crates to get more upgrades, namely health regen, vision, faster speed, shield, axe, grenade, smoke, etc. They are all great upgrades that can help you defeat the opponents easily. You’d better use them wisely to finish off the tough players. As you collect kills, you can earn yourself a lot of points. Plus, you can even unlock awesome achievements if you are a registered user. With three various game modes, 10 discrepant classes, and 11 different perks to explore, you will love to play game for sure. Play it now!

How To Play

Move your character using WASD, use the left mouse to shoot, and press QEF for using the upgrades.