Share this game! Description is a unique and difficult multiplayer online Io game. Enter a room with other players and you can start the new challenge together. There are many rules and strategies that you should master to get the best result and become the top winner. One person will describe the word while the remaining people will guess it in chat. Try to be the first who finding out the right answer! After 45 seconds, the next opponent has the chance to explain what they choose. Therefore, you have to complete your task as fast as possible or you can fail. In case you are a describer, you’d better pick up the easiest term so that more individuals are able to figure out it. Attempt to give out many examples of its usage. If you are a guesser, take look at the uncovered letter of that. Even though what you take on the role, you are recommended to solve the problem quickly. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the keyboard to guess and describe the word.