Raid Land Description

Join Raid Land unblocked with many friends from around the world! Raid Land free is a unique shooting game with 3D graphics. You become an archer who has to kill other enemy archers and survive their attacks for the ultimate victory. Since the game is set in a huge arena, you need to move around it carefully finding a lot of gold and collecting new weapons to get yourself stronger than ever. As you move, you should stay on the lookout for your surroundings to avoid getting outmaneuvered by other players. Also, you must protect your collected amount of gold from enemies because they can take your gold. The amount of gold will decide the winner of the game. This means the one with the most gold collected at the end of the game will win. Do you have what it takes to fight off other archers and become the best archer in Raid Land online? Play it now!

How To Play

Direct the movement of your character using arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar to jump, use the left mouse to attack, press Shift for using abilities and use R to taunt.

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