Pie.ai Description

Pie.ai is a cool and nice multiplayer online Io game which looks like a famous sandbox game known as Minecraft because you can see that everything in front of your eyes is crafted as blocks. You will have the chance to explore another world with multiple people for free. Start off the survival adventure with the character you choose. After you spawn in the map, you need to act wisely and strategically to rank up and take over the leaderboard in the shortest time. It’s not easy for you to achieve the goal! There are tons of dangerous obstacles surrounding you. You’d better stay away from those items and the red zone to defend your life. Not only that, you are able to challenge your ability with other opponents. Remember to restore the damaged energy by mining coressponding cubes. Also, you can gather plenty of useful objects such as the gold keys, tools, and so on. Attmept to earn XP to buy new characters! Besides, collecting coins and score is a good way to climb up to the highest position. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to mine, jump, fly, and attack.