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Oreshk.io Description

Oreshk.io is a nice MMO space battle game opening another brutal combat in space where players have to kill each other for a chance at victory. When you spawn in the game, you begin piloting a spaceship around in space in an attempt to collect as many resources as possible while also trying to destroy other enemy spaceships. The resources appear a lot in between asteroids, you should fly between them to gather more and use them to your advantage. When you have an encounter with a certain enemy, try to stay calm to destroy him! You should aim at his core part then quickly launch your shots to wipe him out before he has a chance to kill you. Make sure to play with excellent tactics, survive for as long as possible then turn yourself into the King of the entire space arena. Are you up for it? Give it a shot now!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Click the mouse to move, choose a skill and attack enemies.