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Namcap Description

Namcap is a unique and addictive Io game. It will bring you to an extremely difficult and interesting challenge set in a large maze. In which, you don’t play alone. You will be able to join a gang. Try to complete your mission to become the top winner of the day! If you are a member of the yellow team, you should eat as many green dots as possible to collect the high point. When you consume a pill, you are allowed to return to revenge on ghosts and bite them. For the ghost clan, you have to swallow the Pacman in order to steal their energy. Also, you need to destroy walls to make the prey surprised. In case you absorb a pill, you will earn more scores and obtain some extra breaking items. Let’s choose the favorite nickname to embark on the adventure from now on! Don’t forget to share with your buddies! Good luck!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to move around the maze. Press Spacebar to drop a blinding object to confuse the chaser (for the yellow team) or to break a wall (for the ghost).