Share this game! Description game is an interesting playing field for all people around the world. It is a brutal combat in which you have to try your best to eliminate every enemy chark to become the top player. It means that you need to rank up and take over the leaderboard as soon as possible. Indeed, you will have the chance to explore the new challenge as a special creature which is equipped with a powerful weapon. Move around the map and perform the action carefully to defend your life from attacks as well as launch deadly shots at the prey to kill them. However, you’d better remember to charge it. Or, cancel charging by boosting. Speeding up is an effective strategy to escape. In the, earning the high point by picking up orbs will allow you to level up and unlock a lot of exciting upgrades in the short time. The color will show the evolution process. Let’s begin and see if how long you will reign the ocean!

How To Play

Press Spacebar to charge and shoot the laser, the left click to boost.

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