Klad.io Description

Klad.io is a cool funny Io game that you are allowed to play online for free against multiple enemies at a time. You will take part in a challenging adventure after you spawn. It is a survival combat, too. Thus, you will have various objectives to implement after you are placed in a strange forest. If you look at the mini-map at the bottom of the screen, you will realize that it looks like a large cave. In which, there is a large number of gunners. You are able to fly very high by using a special device. What is your mission in the Klad.io? You and everybody will be armed with guns. They are the main weapons for all of you to attack and destroy each other. You have to wipe out these opponents as soon as possible before they do the same for you. To become the survivor and the winner, you need to avoid their assault skillfully and act carefully. Good luck!

How To Play

Use arrows or WASD to move, left click to fire, right click for the jetpack, R to reload, T to chat, Tab to stats, M to mute.

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