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Jukegame.io Description

Jukegame.io is another IO game that requires you to have strategies. You can select two types of match, including classic and deathmatch with different goals. In the deathmatch, the flag will begin in the center of the map, if you are the first juker taking over it, you will be a carrier. If you die, the flag will come back to the middle. If you let another juker kill you, he will be the new carrier. Your main goal in this match is to carry the flag for 10 seconds to gain points as well as seize all towers with the gold flag. For the classic mode, you must do whatever it takes to gain 3 points first to be the winner. Try to defend your own flag from being taken by the rivals, use your abilities to kill them all and survive until you obtain the goal.

How To Play

Move your character around the map by using arrow keys or WASD. Press key E to perform a special move, pass the flag with spacebar, chat with key Enter and team chat with key T.