In Mexico Royale Description

There are already many free survival io games unblocked in browsers. Will you give a shot to a new one called In Mexico Royale unblocked? The new challenges are calling for you ahead. Take this chance to show off your survivability and see if you can get it all through. In In Mexcip Royale free game, you have to cross the border between Mexico and America. As you cross between these two countries, please pay close attention to your hunger and money, which are the two elements you need to balance all the time. You can find a lot of food around you, then eat them all when you get hungry. About the money, you can earn it by killing enemies. You must sprint fast to kill them all, but don’t sprint too much when you are still at a low level, otherwise, you will run out of energy. You can sprint more often after reaching a higher level. If you know how to balance the food and money, you will be able to survive all the challenges in this survival game. Wish you luck!


How To Play

Use the mouse or spacebar to jump. Click the speed button in the game or use the right mouse to accelerate. Click the flag button on the left side to change between the countries.