Hexagor.io Description

Hexagor.io is an awesome online multiplayer Io game for you to experience. It is regarded as a great occasion for players to show their strategy in order to conquer territories. Your job will start at a home base. From that spot, you need to invade and beat adjacent land plots as soon as possible. You have to complete this objective so as to expand your kingdom. Also, it is useful for you to defend the main base. After you possess some important areas surrounding this base, you are completely able to embark on building towers which are responsible for preventing every intrusion implemented by another player in Hexagor.io. Thus, you should act carefully because the enemy will break into and kick you out of your stand. Are you ready to participate in the new story and occupy the world map? Let’s play and see if how long you will become the King! Have much fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to expand the territory and build towers.