Description is a free online Io game in the style of, a famous game initially. It is a new combat with a few interesting features in the gameplay. You also control a tank and take part in a survival challenge. There are many different classes at the starting screen. You can choose to control the vehicle that you like most. Each of them will bring to you exciting surprises. After you step into the arena, you need to try to survive as long as possible. The main objective is to become the top play who dominates the leaderboard. Wander around the map and shoot the special blocks to drain the energy of the target or the enemy. You have various quests to do such as collect experience, pump the bar in the upper left corner, gain points, and unlock the higher level. It’s time to check out the own shooting ability! Let’s explore and share with your friends! Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD keys to move, the mouse to rotate, right or left mouse to shoot.