Test your shooting ability through the combat in the game for free! It is a multiplayer challenge in which you have to win at all costs. Before you join the room, you should choose the faction that you want. Thus, you can become a bandit or a soldier. Not only that, you will be granted a little capital, which is used to buy ammunition and hat. After the first preparation, you can start off with your favorite character and give him a hand to blow up every opponent. If you earn much more money, you’d better buy new weapons and better equipment. Also, remember to switch them according to the existing situation you are facing. During the battle, dodge if you can’t afford to cope with the dangerous foe by hiding behind cars or barriers. Are you ready to conquer the top spot and take over the leaderboard? Let’s play and prove your skill right now! Have fun!

How To Play

Use WASD or arrows to move, the mouse to aim and shoot.