Play online multiplayer game against hundreds of the online enemies for free! You have only one mission to accomplish that is to become the last survivor. You will win once you protect your life until the last moment. Enter the game and spawn in a vast map, in which you have to fight against a large number of players. By using the explosives that you are equipped, you can place them in any position that you want. However, you need to act cautiously because they can damage you. But, it’s not all. Aside from breaking walls or obstacles, you should hunt others. Try to blow up every opponent in quickly before they do the same for you. Each time you cause an explosion, you can pick up some exciting power-ups. Let’s get ready to finish the remaining part of your story and conquer the combat right now! Hope you enjoyed!

How To Play

Use arrows to move, Spacebar to drop bombs, Space + arrows to push bombs.