Flar.io Description

Flar.io is an online multiplayer defense game for all ages. In which, you have to figure out the most appropriate strategy to reach the goal. So, your mission is to take over all of the territories on the world map in the shortest time. It’s not easy for you to do that! Don’t worry! Everything can be resolved completely if you possess the own tips. After you spawn in Flar.io, you will find something tiny looking like what you need to protect. Indeed, it is the central base. Besides, you can expand your plan from that spot. Take a look at the column on the right-hand side, you will be able to see many turrets along with the amount of the money that you have. Firstly, you will choose whatever that you want properly. Next, pick a good position in Flar.io to set towers defense. they will be automatically constructed. You should act wisely to earn a lot of cash and purchase upgrades to your system. Can you become the king? Let’s play and share the game with your buddies now!

How To Play

Use the mouse to choose turret and build towers, WASD or arrows to move the screen.