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Facepunch.io Description

Facepunh io unblocked is such a tough io game online when all skilled enemies from across the world have to compete against each other. If you are looking for a new game to master, then Facepunchio can be a good choice for you. It can turn you into a hostile, super cool, and perfect fighter! You will compete against enemies, try to defeat them all using your excellent fighting abilities. But for the first time, you spawn in the map, you are not strong enough yet to take on your rivals. Hence, you should just only use your bare fists to punch the weaker enemies that stand in your way until your skills are totally pumped. As time goes by, you can feel that you are much stronger after picking up some first kills, but your health bar will run out. Now, you must pick up blobs on the ground to fill it up and get some experiences. After that, you can jump into a clash against other tough rivals. Try to stay alive until you become the winner!


How To Play

Move your character with the mouse, click the left mouse or the spacebar to punch enemies, and use the right mouse to perform your special skill.