Driftin.io Description

Driftin.io is a stunning online game for you to play against a lot of opponents at a time. All of you will take part in a decisive racing in which you have to complete the lap, conquer the track and reach the finish line to become the winner. Aside from that, you will have the chance to become the top player on the leaderboard located on the right-hand side of the screen. You will control a little spaceship after you spawn. You have to navigate this ship to the goal area as fast as possible to win. Be careful! There is a large number of the enemy. Aside from that, the walls in Driftin.io are also the objects that you should care about. If you crash into these obstacles too many times, your power will be reduced quickly. Keep away from everything that can damage your energy for survival! Let’s show up the driving skill right now! Have much fun!

How To Play

Use the mouse to drift, left mouse to accelerate.

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