Description unblocked is a brand new drawing io game that will totally keep you engaged. You can play with many friends from around the world in 1vs1 matches. The mission for all of you is to draw and guess words based on the drawings, which means you play as both artist and guesser. As an artist, you should use the right tools to draw stuff relating to the word you have received so your friend can guess what it is. If the guesser is right, they will get points. Similarly, when your friend is drawing, you must quickly guess the word and submit it to earn a high score. Keep playing through many rounds. When all the rounds come to a conclusion, the one with the best score will become the ultimate winner of the game. Get ready to draw and guess all the words then see how many scores you can earn! Much fun with game!

How To Play

The left mouse is used for drawing while the keyboard is used for typing guesses.