Description is a surprising online multiplayer game. You will be brought to a strange massive world which is filled with tons of pixels. It is also the place where your challenge starts. Like other Io games, you will have to compete with a large number of the opponents coming from various countries. The main aim is to dominate the map. After you accept to take part in the new adventure, you will see some unique images, words, and something special. You should choose the appropriate tool to scroll the screen so as to pick the area that you will erase or create. The includes plenty of pictures and you can make them disappear as fast as possible to build up the own territory. This job is not easy for you to accomplish because tiny blocks will be added continuously. The others can blacken what you have already made. Check out your task and see if how long you will win!

How To Play

Use the mouse to choose the tool on the left-hand side. Press the left click to remove, right click to create.