Description unblocked is one of the newest io games that has the same developer as Are you ready for another pirate battle with a lot of challenges to conquer? Play game free now in your browser. You are provided with a helicopter and you must navigate it through a huge arena competing against other players. Try your hardest to destroy all rival helicopters, wicked drones, as well as evil tanks. The more kills you accumulate, the higher the level you can reach. Through over time, make sure you keep your skills upgraded to become much more powerful than your opponents. You can transform your helicopter with snipers, fast-shooters, grenades, and so forth. The main objective for you in Copter free game is to become the best player dominating the entire arena. Have everything of yours ready right now then step into the fray to battle it out!

How To Play

Move with WASD, mouse or arrow keys. Fire enemies using the mouse or up arrow key. Use the right mouse or E, X, or the middle mouse button to perform special abilities.

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