Description unblocked is a web-browser board game with lots of challenges. In free game, you become a colonist trying to build a civilization and grow your territory. Make your way through the map checking out various tiles on the board, prepare some plans for the expansion beforehand then perform your moves carefully. Other colonists are doing the same tasks as you, making the game more competitive. When you create settlements, your production and points for victory are increased. However, that will turn you into a target for other enemies. You cannot let them deal damage to your territory, so you need to combine strategies, plan some tactics, and use your cunningness with good abilities to defeat them all for a chance of winning. This is not a hard game to play but not simple to conquer unless you have specific strategies for it. You aim to become the biggest colonist and vanquish the board in online!

How To Play

Use the left mouse button, touchpad or touch your screen to play and interact with objects in the game.

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