ClashBlade.IO Description

Online players have to compete against each other in ClashBlade.IO unblocked for the right to become the most powerful fighter. Are you ready to join this warrior battle io game with swords? There are two game modes to play, including rank wars and endless wars. If you join rank wars mode, you have to fight like a real, strong, and cunning fighter because you need to kill all enemy warriors for the top rank on the leaderboard. But in the endless wars mode, you will play the game for fun. You can join this mode to practice your fighting skills, sharpen them all then come back to the rank wars mode to defeat all enemies easily. Whatever mode you join, make sure you collect dots on the map and keep yourself upgraded. You have to become the best warrior in the arena! Are you ready? Play and have fun with ClashBlade.IO game!


How To Play

Direct the movement of your character using the mouse. Tap the screen to direct your character if you play the game on a mobile device.