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BomBom.IO Description

Bomb your way to the top and rule the arena in unblocked now! As a futuristic io game free for all, has its own charm to keep players engaged for hours in a row, and definitely, you will earn yourself a huge amount of fun. In game, you have to navigate a vintage bomber plane around the map in order to cause as much destruction as possible. You will release deadly bombs on plenty of buildings and finish off all enemy bomber planes that get in your way before they are able to shoot you. Make sure you dodge the tougher players, if you crash into them, you will die and the game will be reset. So, try to play it tactically for a better chance of winning. When you bomb as well as accumulate points, the size of your plane will grow as well. Keep expanding its size until you hit the top!

How To Play

Direct the movement of the plane using arrow keys, WASD, or the left mouse button. Your bombs will be dropped automatically.