Description free online is yet another Bomberman game you can play from the list of the io games series. Once again, you will have a chance to become a hostile man that likes to bomb his enemies. As in most of the other strategy Bomberman games, in this title, you will make your way through the map trying to kill all of your enemies by planting bombs near them. Make sure you drop the bomb next to them, trap them all then quickly escape before the bomb explodes. Try to stay away from your own bombs and the enemies’ bombs too, otherwise, you will get destroyed, and the game will be over. On your way, you should pick up power-ups to grow your strength then use them to cope with the tougher rivals in case you cannot defeat them. A good Bomberman must be the one who knows how to use his tactics with strategies to overcome all of his rivals. Can you become that one? Play game in your browser now!

How To Play

Use arrow keys to control the movement of your Bomberman, use the spacebar to plant a bomb, and use special skills using keys AZE.