Description is a fun strategy Io game involved a survival combat in which you will play as a commander of a small troop. Don’t worry! You will soon have the opportunity to develop it or even turn your army become the most powerful military force in the new world. You have various quests to implement after you step into the arena such as conquer the largest territory or build up the best base. From the starting location, you should deploy units that you have wisely to capture the adjacent areas. Aside from that, earn as much money as possible to buy upgrades, weapons, or equipment. While expanding or attacking, you are recommended to keep an eye on the achievement you have obtained. The enemy can launch the assault whenever. Setting up a strong defensive fence is very necessary! Remember to generate the military power! Hurry up! You can fail if you don’t finish every task when you run out of time. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to deploy units, WASD or arrows to move the camera, 0 to generate the military power.