10waves1boss.io Description

10waves1boss.io unblocked offers you more tower-defense battles to conquer. Are you ready to go up against waves of monsters and a cruel boss in this strategy multiplayer io game? In this title, the waves of monsters will start in a small wooden house. You need to use either the glock or the baseball bat to slay them all before they destroy you. When facing off against high-HP monsters, you should gun guns for dealing more damage. Guns are the perfect weapons to deal with those monsters, so you’d better save them for those confrontations. Do your best to kill as many monsters as possible, defeat the wicked boss and earn yourself a high score, which makes you the victor of the battle. Are you up for the battle and showing off your excellent skills? Let’s jump into 10waves1boss.io online game right now then earn yourself a huge amount of fun!


How To Play

WASD or arrow keys will be used for the movement. Left click to use items, use B for buying weapons and upgrades, press N to hide your name, and use M for playing the background music.