Monsters VS Humans ! Description

Monsters VS Humans unblocked is an RPG game based on the epic battle between monsters and humans. Basically, it looks like another zombie io game but still, it has its own charm. You will come to an arena where monsters and humans never get along with each other. They set war and now you must pick the side you want to join, which is either the humans or the monsters. If you choose to be a human, the goal is to dodge all the monsters, escape away from them and do whatever it takes to keep your life safe. In case you turn into a zombie, your goal now is to go kill all humans before they hide from you. Work together with your teammates all the time so you can defeat the rivals and bring victory to your team. Feel free to join Monsters VS Humans in your browser! Good luck!

How To Play

Move with WASD, click the mouse for turn, buy weapons using key B, drop your weapon using key G, and collect items using key E.