LumberJack Simulator

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LumberJack Simulator Description

Let’s turn yourself into a woodcutter in a great Upgrades game called LumberJack Simulator! In this title, you have to make use of your axe to chop down as many trees as possible. Keep chopping them until their health reaches 0, and that’s when you can get ready to collect a huge amount of wood. It’s very important to earn a lot of wood because that means you can make money. Start selling wood in the shop to earn money, and then you can spend it on brand new axes that help improve your performance pretty much. Watch out for someone trying to steal your tree. When they go, get in the combat to fight against them using your axe! Make sure you collect somf food before engaging any clashes as the food can restore your HP if you soak damage. Leave all your trees well protected, play with good tactics and become the best woodcutter!

How To Play

Use WASD for the movement, click the mouse to hit the tree with your axe.