Share this game! Description free online is an ocean multiplayer game in which you will swim through a deep sea in the shape of an angler fish queen trying to devour as many scattered foods as possible to build a big army of fishes. This is what other enemy anglerfishes are doing as well, therefore, this competition is not easy to conquer. You will do your best to grow up as fast as possible with your army. Once you feel more powerful, you can enter a conflict to battle against other enemies then kill their armies. Whatever you do, make sure you always protect your army all the time since the dangers are everywhere and you can get destroyed if you have no defenses. You are fighting against your opponent fish armies for a chance of dominance of the deep ocean. unblocked is free to play in browsers, so let’s dive into it now!

How To Play

Use the left mouse to attack, the right mouse to merge, hold it to absorb, and the mouse wheel scroll to zoom.

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