After experiencing game, why don’t you give a shot to unblocked – the second edition with improved graphics and better gameplay? You will experience new features in free game, especially full 3D settings. The gameplay is still the same, but it will be now more challenging. You will start as either a human or a zombie. If you join the human team, do your best to eliminate all zombies and stop them from killing you. As a human, you should navigate through the map trying to find objects to move then use them to hide behind zombies. Prepare some strategies in advance so as to deal with the zombies when they come to get you. But if you belong to the zombie team, make sure you hunt down humans on the map and quickly slay them all before they escape. Can your team touch the final glory in Braains 2 io game unblocked? Launch it now in your browser!


How To Play

Control the movement using arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar to jump and click the left mouse to attack.