Rich City

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Rich City Description

A rich city needs a leading team to rule! Can it be the zombie team or the human team? Join Rich City game unblocked right now to experience more challenges revolving around an epic battle between zombies and humans. You have to get everything ready for it now. In Rich City the zombie game, you can play as either a human or a zombie. The mission for the human team is to find better places to hide from the zombies, build a lot of doors, purchase many items, then use them all to defeat all the zombies. But for the zombies, they must go around the map spreading a lot of viruses to get all humans infected. This is the best way to turn them into zombies. Both teams must use their own smart strategies to fight one another until there is one last team alive on the game arena to win.

How To Play

Perform the movement of your character using arrow keys or WASD. Use key B to open the shop menu.