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Disaster.io Description

In Disaster.io multiplayer browser game, you have to get through a post-apocalyptic world packed with hostile mutants and zombies. It sounds like a tough adventure that takes a huge amount of effort to complete, and it’s so true! Disaster.io game allows you to either join the zombie team or the survivor team. Each of them has its own objective to complete. For the human team, you ought to get through the infection caused by the zombie team. Go to the shop to buy some necessary items for your survival then use them to defeat all zombies before they come to get you. For the zombie team, your main goal is to roam the map spreading the radiation to slay all humans. Make sure you finish them off first before they attack you with their weapons. Always stick with your teammates to overcome all challenges and make your team win! Much fun with Disaster.io game!

How To Play

Perform the movement using WASD, click the right mouse for using items, use key G to drop items, key E to collect items, key O to open the survivors’ shop and use the mouse cursor to spin.