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Taekwon.io Description

Taekwon.io gives you a big chance to present your fighting techniques! Jump into this RPG Upgrades Power-ups game online for free now then see if you will vanquish all tough enemies or not. You take control of a unit and start training it with many discrepant techniques, such as kicking, punching and especially blocking. These are known as basic abilities that a unit must know before entering the Underground Fighting Ring set in a big arena. You will face off against many opponents worldwide, making the fighting competition more difficult to conquer. But everything will be easy to handle if your unit is well upgraded. You should keep improving the unit in terms of skills and try your best to defeat all enemy units for a big chance of becoming the champion. In this IO game, you can save your progress and continue the game if you come back to it tomorrow. Good luck! Have fun with it!

How To Play

Use the left mouse to punch, use the right mouse to kick.