Share this game! Description must be a fantastic and exciting Splix Style game that you won’t want to skip. It bears the familiar and simple gameplay with amazing graphics. You will direct a paper-like character, roam your way through the map in an attempt to capture a lot of space. Once you have captured it, quickly connect it back to your main base for territorial expansion. As you go capture space, you should protect your tail! If a certain enemy runs into it, you will meet your doom instantly, causing you to restart it from scratch. However, you should attempt to hit the tails of other players to take them out and capture their space to expand your realm even more. Every action needs to be done in a careful way if you want to come out as the final victor ruling the leaderboard. Start the game now, then see if you can conquer it!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move around the map.