Forge of Empires Description

Can you handle all epic challenges in Forge of Empires free online? Jump into it now and take this chance to master all of your commanding skills. You will engage in a tough battle between the rival forces. As a lord, you must help your people build up a thriving empire through many ages, from the bronze, age, the silver age, the golden age, to the platinum age. To keep the empire going on, a big army is a must thing to have. You can send out your units into the fight to slay all enemies before they come to take your kingdom. Also, you can assign them to various missions, from producing goods, building facilities, to expanding the territory. Keep their stats always improved so they can perform those tasks much better. Besides showing off the commanding skills, you should express your management ability too. Forge of Empires unblocked is a free tower defense game for all players worldwide, so let’s dive into it now!


How To Play

The mouse is used for controlling and interacting with all objects in the game.