Description is one of the strategy game based on Agario style. It is about an extremely exciting Battle Royale match in which you will have to play against multiple competitors worldwide. The mission that you are given after you start off with a tiny cell is to be the largest player. Once you achieve that goal, you can take over the top spot on the ranking and become the King in However, it is not as simple as you think. Indeed, you only begin with a little mass and you are facing tons of stronger enemies at a time. So, you are advised to eat food dots when you have stepped into the arena. When you walk over that resource, you can feel that your body size has been expanded. You will have the chance to absorb smaller rivals to enlarge much more. But, you will be killed if you get close to a larger adversary or do not know how to split and eject. Survive, perform tips wisely, and you can win!

How To Play

Use the mouse to direct, W to release some mass, Space/Q/T to split